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Charlie Sheen Sued for Sexual Assault By

3 Oct

Charlie Sheen Sued for Sexual Assault By Dental Tech — Charlie Says BS


Bill Murray — No Wedding Gift for Georg

3 Oct

Bill Murray — No Wedding Gift for George Clooney – What do you get George Clooney for his wedding? According to Bill Murray … NOTHING!!! Murray was on hand when Clooney sealed the dealwith Amal Alamuddin last weekend … and during a golfing event Thursday in Scotland, he fessed up … he

Hulk Hogan — Threatens ‘Nephew’ Over

3 Oct

Hulk Hogan — Threatens ‘Nephew’ Over Bisexual Reality Show … You’re Not a Real Hogan!

George Clooney — Italian Wedding Legal

3 Oct

George Clooney — Italian Wedding Legal and Binding – George Clooneydidn’t do what some celebs do when they tie the knot overseas … in his case, marriage on foreign soil is legal and binding, because we have the official document that says so.We’ve seen it before … a celeb gets “hitched”

‘TMZ Hollywood Sports’ — Eddie George

3 Oct

‘TMZ Hollywood Sports’ — Eddie George To NFL Stars … I’m The Best Action Hero!

KC Mayor — TAUNTS L.A. MAYOR … Don’t

3 Oct

KC Mayor — TAUNTS L.A. MAYOR … Don’t Bet On the Angels! – Everybody LOVES some good old fashioned smack talk … even politicians … just ask the Mayor of Kansas City — who’s rippin’ into the Mayor of Los Angeles over the MLB playoffs.Of course, the Royals are taking on the Los Angeles Angels of

‘Shameless’ Star Steve Howey — Jokes

3 Oct

‘Shameless’ Star Steve Howey — Jokes President Obama Is Like the Ebola Virus

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